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ETSI Srl operates in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries, providing repairs, spare parts and supplies of obsolete parts and/or systems that became obsolete or unavailable to Customers because of different reasons.

Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering offers a solution to minimize OEM spare parts costs and reduce delivery time, ensuring quality equal to or surpassing Original Equipment Manufacturers. Vital for obsolete systems with no viable substitutes, it employs cutting-edge 3D technology and material identification techniques to replicate components or systems from existing customer installation samples.

Supply of industrial systems

Our extensive technical expertise allows us to replace individual components within complex systems, ensuring they function seamlessly within the master system. For instance, in a Reverse Osmosis Plant or a lube oil console, we can supply and integrate specific components like chemical injection skids or coolers, restoring the entire master system to its design specifications.

Repair of rotating equipment

Repair is the most cost-effective and rapid solution for damaged or underperforming machines. Specializing in rotating equipment—Steam Turbines, Centrifugal Compressors, Pumps, Motors, Generators, and other mechanical components—we do not only restore them to original specifications but also implement cutting-edge technology upgrades in the repair processes and required components.

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